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    • POEM: If, By Rudyard Kipling by Kiran Ashtekar (9/30/2009 10:33:00 PM)

      .: : .

      This is thoughtful and didactic poem written by Rudyard Kipling.
      This poem takes us through many situations of life and how we should deal with them. The first Stanza talks about our self-confidence. I says we should believe in ourselves when we our doubted. We should also consider the doubting as there may be a fault in us. We should not give into lies when we are being lied about or hate those who hate us. We should be humble at the same time we must not look too good or wise.
      The second Stanza is about the fact that we should be as we our and not let thoughts master our mind. we should not let our dreams interfere with reality. We should take Success and Failure as the same as the aim of both of them is to change our life. Success can make over-confidence and other related feelings get into our head whereas defeat while lower our morale and confidence we may not want do something again. Further it says one should not give into the traps set up for fools by cunning people. We should not give into hopelessness when our dream world breaks. Instead we should bend down use the remainder and the worn out tools to start once again.
      The third stanza conveys that if one has collected all their experience, money, wisdom, etc. and have risked it all on one worthwhile adventure and we lose we should not say anything about our loss and should instead go on and start from the beginning to gain back all that we have lost. If our physical and mental strength is exhausted then we should just hold-on and should not lose our will power. When there is nothing inside a person they should just hold on to courage, will, -power, confidence as these our the things which will provide us support.
      The third Stanza says that one should not lose their virtue while interacting with the common crowds. Whereas at the same time should keep their state of mind and coolness when interacting with great people like Kings. We must not be affected by the love of friends and hatred of enemies. We must not give somebody extra attention nor should we ignore anybody. If one could fill every minute of our life with a worth wile activity.
      If a person has all these virtues then he/she is the true master of the Earth and will become a man/woman in the actual sense.
      I actually came to this site to find more hints and tips on this poem for myself but I did not find anything so i posted something who people could read who come later! ! !