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Mehreen Baksh Khan Michigan / United States, Female, 43
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    • (10/8/2009 6:13:00 PM)

      wow! .
      burst of emotions of a true killer........
      who made you one like this!
      lol....! just kidding...its a good write

    • (10/5/2009 5:27:00 PM)

      I must say you write very well.......i wish i could write as well.I thank my friend to have me introduced to this site where i find many geniuses.You are one of the crescents.Have cme across some of your works.Wonderful.Salaam.

    • POET: Amit Ray (10/5/2009 5:20:00 PM)

      I will take this gala opportunity to contribute my votes and write something about my beloved friend Amit (ah! you don't have to change your name man! Amit is good na) .I met Amit way back 2006 for a very short sessions in the evenings for Russian classes in grammar.Those days i was busy in my GMAT/TOEFL classes as well in India.I never knew a person with such 'TSAR' like oozing charm who would be so down to earth simultaneously.I used to call him 'Bhaiya ji'.When i recall those days i really feel a bit ashamed.He would be so shy in the classes and when i saw the same man in a party i just wondered how a person could be multi-faceted.The same 'Bhaiya ji' was a masterpiece of buttering of women no matter who they were.

      Whatever, i used to find him a man of great talent who would be transcribing one language into many others using technologies and knowledge processing aids.I feel like those of his attempts converted into poetry.Unfortunately his mainline career has nothing to do with poetry.He would always be travelling and meeting new people.And and and last but not the least he helped me a lot in my MBA projects in the States by writing some parts of my dissertation which was well applauded in my UNI later on.I only asked him to make it free from or curtail the plagiarism as much as he could.It was decided the man had some extraordinary talents.I wish i could all be like him.

      His love series poems specially moved my heart and is still having the oscillatory effect.I dunno if he has some reconcilations going on with someone.Whoever gets this chap should be very blessed with talents and attitude.

      I wish him all the best in all his future ventures.'Insh-allah' he will come out with flying colours.Salaam Waliqum..with love and best wishes and thanks for inviting me.....Mehreen.