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    • POEM: If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda (10/13/2009 7:07:00 AM)

      The poem, I think, might seem to portray love as conditional. But I believe it is more complex than that. 'My love feeds on your love'. I think the focus here is on the nature of love. That it can only be pure if it is mutual. I see this in a Christian perspective, which I have to say is quite insightful. The Christian definition of love paints the seemingly visible dichotomy between conditional and unconditional here.1) Love has to be accepted and believed.2) A person who truly loves never stops loving. The notion of destiny is tied in here with the first notion. And one can relate to it in one way or another. What is obvious here, in the writing, is the time frames used. On the negative prose of the uplifting of roots, we see 'on that day, and on that hour', whereas on the non-futuristic positive prose we have 'if each day, and each hour'. The positive prose plays on the notion of grace for the moment. The former is a more fatal blow, my guesses that that is what kind of a fate the beloved believes in. (like a religion) In other words, these two proses talk about the components of love respectively. From the Christian perspective, for love to be perfect, it has to know no rejection or disrespect. This is what I term 'Disciplinary love'. The other side of the love component is 'the Grace of love', whereby one deliberately forgets and forgives, and at that moment love is there, because true love has known no rejection.