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Joseph Skytta Ft Hood, Texas / United States, Male, 34
Profession :
Field Artillery Tactical Data System Specialist for the United States Army.
Education :
E-2 Armsy S1 / IT Student
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  • (11/9/2009 6:24:00 PM)

    Amazing, Trully capturing of the ideals that plague the vast majority of us all so much. We are afraid to hurt, so we cover ourselves with padding, we don't want to get hurt so we let nobody in. There are so many things that people try to do to avoid hurting themselves that they actually suffer more because of it, rather than facing the pain and learning to overcome it.

  • POEM: I Miss You by Anusha Subramanian (10/17/2009 12:55:00 PM)

    Very very moving poem. Absolutely loved the way you express your sentiments. 'nobody knows what they've got till it's gone' is definately a saying that you followed well in this. Amazing your ability to keep a consistent upbeat rhythm while writing about something so saddening. I can definately relate myself. The fact that when you are used to the company of another and find yourself alone, you no longer know what to do and instead reminisce about the times you once had. definately a 10 out of 10. You captured the emotions perfectly in each line. It continued to build up and up and up and then like a rollercoaster just dropped. That's what readers can relate to is the tragic things that happen.

  • POEM: Many Questins Can You Help Solve Them? by dakota lee (10/16/2009 5:54:00 PM)

    Only if you think you are do you lack intelligence,
    Only if you want to be could stupid make sense,
    Only if none are smaller than you and unhappy with yourself,
    Only if you choose not to smile when smiling sometimes helps,
    Only if you wish to claim a title such as mentioned,
    Only if the world you show and simply for attention,
    Only if you choose to do things without thought of reprocussion,
    Only if you think your ways are tough hard and too outnumbered,
    Only if you act like your crazy then suddenly act just like your mother,
    Only if you say one thing and then you act on another,
    Only if you say the things that never could be true,
    Only if you can't complete the goals you set for you,
    Only if you do everything you do simply to give away everything that's you,
    Only if when you put something in a place and then it you lose,
    Only if you choose to stay away from those that are unlike,
    Only if you hate those around that keep you company,
    Only if you where a smile when frown you feel's appropriate,
    Only if you think there is such a thing as being not yourself indeed,
    Only if you act like you don't know what you give away,
    Only if you belive that life isn't everything to cherish,
    Always if you know that you are child of he who you he made,
    Its up to you to choose to what you dedicate your life before you perish,
    No one knows when we go except the one who made us,
    Time undoubtedly ends everthing and everyone so what's the fuss,
    With every loss the world will cry exceptionally lamented,
    No matter small or large a favor in memories you will be cemented,
    The only one aside from none that can help yourself is you,
    As for your questions being unanswered, no more will this be true.

    Hopefully this makes sense to you :) and good luck, I enjoy your writing.

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