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    • POEM: 1(A... (A Leaf Falls On Loneliness) by e.e. cummings (10/15/2009 10:45:00 PM)

      I think there are two ways to interrpret this piece. Often poetry, as with all forms of art, depends on the reader to find his or her own meaning. One could look at this to read as either, 'a leaf falls in loneliness' or as 'a leaf falls interrupting loneliness'. Both can hold a deep meaning for the reader. One must also note how 'l' is set set apart, as l can be seen as either the lowercase 'L' or the number 1. Another impressive detail, albeit significantly less important, is how '(a leaf falls) ' is written in such a way that makes the readers eyes dart back and forth going down the page, which gives one the impression of a leaf flittering in the wind. To me, I see a man alone in an endless expanse of featurless desert, utterly alone. Yet for one brief moment, as a leafs flutters by in the wind, he is no longer alone. there is something else, no matter how insignificant, and it is like a revalation to him, as if the earth suddenly makes sense. But then the leaf passes, the wind dies, whatever glorious epiphany he was on the verge of is suddenly gone, and once again he is alone. Perhaps the man is a God, or a traveler, or a lonely begger, that is up to the reader to decide for himself.