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    • (1/11/2010 8:24:00 AM)

      Amandamae =) (1/11/2010 8: 11: 00 AM)
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      I read this thing like you asked
      I think its wonderful
      Most people dont understand
      how hard it is to write intimate things
      that most people dont talk about in public
      but its natural
      so whats the big DEAL
      yea its not really a thing discussed regularly
      and some people think its improper and vulgar
      but its natural
      god gave us a gift
      we should embrace it
      not hide it and be shy about it
      why cant it be talked about?
      becuse SOCIETY has made us this way
      society has altered the way we think
      what makes a cuss word bad?
      its just a word
      so why is it bad?
      can someone remind me?
      i mean if its used to hurt someone
      then yea its bad
      but if its just said
      then whats it so bad?
      any word can be bad
      if you use it that way...
      but sex
      sex is an action
      mad sacred by two people
      its something shared
      that no one else can have the same way
      so why be ashamed?
      so i say way to go jessica
      dont conform to societies way of thinking
      Write about life
      the good parts and the bad
      the pain
      the happiness
      the fear
      and yes
      the love and the sex
      write about LIFE
      your own version of it
      thats poetry
      and THATS how you become a good writer :)

    • POEM: Laughing Girl by Raphael Amorous Cead (11/10/2009 9:35:00 AM)

      I am dissapointed. This poem is scanty and weak. Its too abstract and there are some grammatical errors in the text which messes up the entire flow. It could have been better. I kinda see where you were going with it but its not finished. Maybe if it were longer and more alive then it would be more pleasant to read. I believe I have wasted my time reading a poem that has no point written by a writer who has no feeling in what he has written. If this is the best that can come from a creative mind then what has the world come to? But I am just one person and there are many interpretations on a poem. Others could actually like this meager poem. Sorry for my bluntness but I give it a 2.

    • POEM: An Eerie Tune by Tori Beals (11/9/2009 8:46:00 AM)

      Sometimes there is no criticism to be given to a poem. There is no perfect one but everyone has their own interpretation of the way they read it. When i read this poem I felt the fear you were trying to prevail to the protagonist. Well choice of words. Nicely rhyming lines and the syllables are evenly matched to make a good flow. I didnt have to reread a verse to understand what you were trying to say. But I do believe the way you wrote the poem that it might also make it better to put into a 3rd person perspective to get the point across a little better. Good job. I give it a 9.

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