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    • POEM: Most Astonishing – The Spirit Of Life by Jo Anna Bella Bennerson (10/22/2009 8:47:00 PM)

      Stunning. Magical. Mystical. Deep.

      Your beautiful poem reminds me of the majesty of PSALM 19: THE HEAVENS DECLARE THE GLORY OF GOD AND THE FIRMAMENT SHEWETH HIS HANDIWORK.

      I'm no poet-but it reminds me so much of one of my favorite poems-WHEN I HEARD THE LEARNED ASTRONOMER by Walt Whitman.

      You are definitely in the same league!

    • POEM: Love Me Now by Jo Anna Bella Bennerson (10/22/2009 8:45:00 PM)

      Inviting. Beckoning. Welcoming.
      Calling me into Unconditional Love.

      “Ease into my arms, ” you whisper. “Forget the hurt.”

      Already it has happened.

      All my doubts and fears disappear.

      You sigh, “Every part of my mind, body, and soul
      craves the essence of you.”

      I come. I melt inside you.

      Beautifully done!

    • POEM: Catastrophe by Jo Anna Bella Bennerson (10/22/2009 8:43:00 PM)


      A moving, poignant plea to the Omnipotent Divine Power.

      “What ungodly creature dismembered God’s own creation? ”

      You describe the frightening desolation and destruction in ringing, rhythmic alliteration.

      “Ravenous rivers raging, onerous oceans oscillating,
      malicious mountains moving, dangerous dams deteriorating.
      Stalwart walls crumbling, bruised lips swollen,
      tired eyes blackened, ardent spirits broken.”

      Brilliant luminous writing. Beautifully composed.

      Your vision is large enough to include the world.

      “One day Troy, the Philippines, Louisiana, Mt. Vesuvius,
      one day, Montserrat, the Virgin Islands, Florida, Honduras.
      Entrapment, middle passage, slavery…”

      All of us are invited into your open heart.

      You wrote: “*HUMANITY! *” Highlighted with stars in remind us that we are all in there.

      You end the poem with a universal cry of despair.

      “How did the world turn on me? ”

      It is a helpless feeling we all share.
      All humanity.

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