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Kira Williams St. Joseph / United States, Female, 26
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  • POEM: Confessions Of An Invisible Teenager Part 5 by Kira Williams (7/23/2010 6:02:00 PM)

    I really don't think I realised that I put his name in there it was just an automatic thing, he was just on my mind all the time. And it turns out he actually did like me and we ended up dating for 3 months. But then of course it ended just like most high school relationships do with getting my heart broken

  • POEM: Love And Loss by Kira Williams (7/20/2010 1:50:00 AM)

    i wish i didnt, i actually thought id be with him for a while, i hoped it with all my heart. I'm 16 too, and its nice to know im not alone

  • POEM: Failed by Kira Williams (12/15/2009 8:36:00 PM)

    why thank you, the same to you :)

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