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  • POEM: Poems Somalia-My Homeland! by Halima Ahmed (10/26/2009 11:19:00 AM)

    hello halima, i would like 2 say that your poem is so powerful and completly true because am also from somalia and i know itz a country tormented by tribelism and civil war.
    am a young poet and ur poem inspired me 2 write my own. i copied ur structure and few lines.- So here it is: hope u enjoy it.! ! ! thanks 4 ur time

    WAKE UP... SOMALIA! ! ! !

    Oh, Somalians! How long will you exploit, mislead and abuse my land?
    How long will you fight and decorate my land with the blood of my people!
    Will I ever become safe to the echoes and the unpleasant sounds of guns?
    Would I ever see a brighter a day, a day, where Somalis can ever come together and embrace one another!
    Do you ever hear the plea of this land? Do you ever feel the hunger of my children! Wake up!
    Where are your conscience
    My Independence Day is fast approaching, I wonder what is ceremony is going to be? - another Somali killed because of tribe?
    Yet, another family left in the streets cause there’s no where to hide.
    Yet another mother's eye are so dry
    It can barley produce enough tears to even cry.
    Where are the days where Independence day was embraced with celebration
    with songs, dances, poems, feast and happy Somalis.
    Somalians who would wave the flag up high!
    Until it reaches the sky.
    Somalians who would be proud of being Somalians, rather than being British, Americans and Australians
    Somalians who would respect the Quran and follow the teachings of Islam.

    Somalians in the west celebrate this day in rich, fancy venues, with music, wine and all you can eat
    obvious to the fact that their minds are still asleep
    Their loved ones back home are still in a state of chaos, hunger and nowhere to even sleep.
    Somalis, when would you realize the fact that you have preyed on my land like vultures for so long?
    Don’t you care about your next generation? ,
    Don’t make them clean up your own mess and have no education.

    Somalians, why have you
    Disappointed. Destroyed
    My land.
    O Somalians I pray to god that peace will be restored.
    Let’s not repeat the same mistakes twice,
    Lets not make our children live in disguise.
    Let history be our teacher and
    Let it guide us for a better and safer future.

    Am Somali to the bone
    And I hope one day I go back home.