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    • POEM: Don'T Show At My Funeral by Hate Me... Cus i Do (11/30/2009 8:27:00 AM)

      when i read your poem the only parson i can think of is one wonmen the wonmen i so called mom she made me hurt and she made me cry and when i cryed i fealt pain and when i was hurting i couldn't take it anymore and when i'm in pain i cut myself y you say cuz it makes me forget the other pain that really hurts and all that blood was for she cuz she was never there and she always let men hurt me cuz if she wanted to get high she let people thuoth me even if i was hurting and in pain she didn't care and where ever i went they just hit me y you say cuz they loved to see me in pain and when i cryed it was cuz i hurt so much but she didn't care cuz i find out she know about everything and didn't do anything cuz she didn't care all i want is for someone to care and love me for who i am and to stop this pain and to be there when i cry cuz when i cry im in pain and im hurting then oneday god here's my crys and sends me an angle y an angle you say well it will make the pain go away and i wont hurt or cry anymore cuz the angle will let me be free at sadgirl602

    • POEM: Lonely by Brittany Michelle Harris (11/30/2009 7:38:00 AM)

      thats how i feel when i cry. When i cry i feel pain and for that pain i cry and when i cry i sak for help but like aiways no one here's the cry's i try to pray so god can take the pain away and when i hurt i call out for help but no one comes like always i feel lonely and unloved i been feeling like this for a long time i think i was 5 years old when i started feeling lonely when my so called mom stoped caring thats when the pain begain i was so young i didn't know how to make the pain go away so i do what i do best cry and i hurt cuz i know no one cares and how do i know that well cuz everyone i loved told me and so i belive it and the only way i can make the pain go away is by hurting myself how is that well i make aother pain that hurts really bad and for a lil bit i forget that im lonely and y im hurting and in pain and aonther thing that makses the pain go away and i get lost i do drugs i wont tell you what i do but just know i dose help not all the time but i know i will always that i know its bad but its to leat im here with my lonely lonely life i pray that oneday it will get good so till then i will be lonely then god will sended me an angle then i wont be lonely and feel no more pain and cry cuz the pain hurts so much when the angle comes i will be happy for the farst time it will be real and i will be free like i always wanted to be........thank you love by sadgirl602

    • POEM: Lonely by Alison Mills (11/30/2009 6:39:00 AM)

      thats how i feel just like that no one there when im in pain or when im hurting the only thing i can do is cry an hope someone heres me but to dam bad for me cuz what ever i do im still lonely and by myself in pain and lost and to help that pain go away i just make more pain to forget the real pain so if you here me crying plz don't go just make the pain go away.........lots of love aka sadgirl602

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