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    • POEM: Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden (12/7/2009 8:13:00 AM)

      Tom: I think you have good general ideas for what you think the theme of the poem is but you need to have support for why you think that those may be the themes. I think the theme of the poem is that the poet didn’t appreciate his father as a kid and now realizes that he should’ve thanked him. In line five, it says “No one ever thanked him.” The father made the house warm and polished the poet’s shoes. Lines 13 and 14 show that he knows that he should’ve thanked his father. As you see I gave support for my general idea of what I think the theme is and that’s what you should do next time too. -Devin

    • POEM: Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden (12/7/2009 7:51:00 AM)

      Sparkle: I have to disagree with you. This poem is not a very nice poem for many reasons. For example, this is not the best poem that I have ever read because it talks about regret of his choices when the author was young. This is showing no respect for the father polishing the child’s shoes and getting them ready. Also as a child, he was “speaking indifferent to him” (his father) . Here the reader can see that there is not much compassion or love from the boy to the father. Finally this poem is written nicely, but it is hard to understand, and it almost is depressing to think that someone would not appreciate their father for who he is and what he does for his family. This is why I disagree with you, and that “Those Winter Sundays” deals with much regret. - Jacob

    • POEM: Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden (12/7/2009 7:19:00 AM)

      Miss Brunette: I agree with your statement about the poem “Those Winter Sundays” for many reasons. First, I also agree with your saying with how the reader doesn’t have enough information to determine whether the father is widowed or single. I also agree that the son didn’t appreciate the father’s work until line 13 and 14. Finally, I think the poem could have been better if in the end of the story the poet could have added that the son went up to his father and thanked him for all the hard work his father had been doing. Loren

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