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  • POEM: Fight Soldier Fight by jason mcgookin (1/3/2010 4:49:00 AM)


    All this BS about 'fight Soldier for your country', is nothing but authorized 'kill, kill, kill or be killed'.....but how can we look into the FACE of DEATH? ? ? Why are WE MADE THE INSTRUMENTS OF DEATH? ? IS IT FAIR? ? CAN WE NOT BE REPULSED BY THIS MADNESS INCULCATED IN OUR MINDS? ? ?

  • POEM: Depression by jason mcgookin (1/3/2010 4:46:00 AM)

    YEAH! jason
    'Depression' that JAIL without the FOUR WALLS!
    This state of affairs could also be the result of 'hypertension'....
    Do check with ur DOC

  • POEM: Darkness by sara zacharia (1/3/2010 2:05:00 AM)

    sara: Darkness and Light are two sides of the same COIN of LIFE....
    Without Darkness U wouldn't understand the beauty of LIGHT..
    Without Dark Clouds U wouldn't understand the IMPORTANCE of SUNSHINE
    Sunshine is NOT recognized without the DARK CLOUDS giving it importance.

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