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    • POEM: Death by Nick Andrew Smith (12/22/2009 3:43:00 PM)

      The poem 'death' by 'Nick Andrew Smith' is about deaths aftermath.
      The poem gives a description of how you feel after the death of a loved person.
      From the beginning till the end the poem expresses the pain of the sitiuation
      you´re in when you lose a loved person.
      The poem uses an image of coldness and sadness to express the sad feelings that
      are linked with the death.
      The function of the image is to show how hard it is to handle the death of a loved person.
      By the repeating of the word 'death' which introduces every line
      and the use of short lines the tense atmosphere of the poem is emphasized
      The poems consists of metaphors, paradoxons, personifications and repetitions.
      An example for a used paradox is l.5 - 'Death is the call to heaven or hell'
      is written. Heaven and hell are opposites that are given a common sense in this poem.
      The same thing was made in l.6 - 'Death is an eternal mansion or cell'.
      The metaphors are used like in every line. e.g. l.2 - 'Death is a sharp pain in my heart'
      Personifications are used often - e.g. l.21 - 'Death lives inside of me'
      Death isn´t able to live, so it´s a kind of paradox again.
      There is also a development in the poem.
      While in the first stanza the poet is writing about the death of other people
      and how the dead lives in himself etc.
      In the last stanzas he writes about the relation with the death and himself.
      That the death is also going to get him. And in the last Stanzas the death got him.
      By this all you get another image. An image of caducity.

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