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12/28/2009 9:50:00 AM

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    • POET: Aleksandra Lachut (6/28/2010 11:17:00 AM)

      Well, it seems that she's back again. Just dropped by to say hi to the hardheaded plagiarizer who can't grasp the concept of stealing being wrong. ;) Who would actually believe that one person could write nearly two thousand poems? And who would not notice that some of them are classics of cummings, Poe, and Frost? Just thought I'd point that out. It's so pathetic, I actually find it kind of amusing. What would her college think about this, I wonder? (That is, if she really is a college student.)

    • POET: Jake Shelvey (5/13/2010 8:11:00 PM)

      All I have to say is: wow. Jake is one of the best teen writers I've come across in a while, and he's better than the majority of adults!

    • POET: Jake Shelvey (5/13/2010 8:09:00 PM)

      Louis, I must say my opinion differs with yours. This is a superb work of free verse, and your vocabulary does not have much-if anything-over Jake's. It would also help everyone understand your constructive criticism if you could write a proper sentence, which I again commend Jake for.

      Of course, all work has room for improvement. Jake is younger than I am and his pieces are already far better than my own, so it seems that he'll continue to improve if he does so choose.

      However, Jake, you did spell 'waltzes' wrong in the third line, and your title isn't capitalized correctly. You may want to fix those. ;) The piece was great; keep writing.

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