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    • POEM: Invictus by William Ernest Henley (1/3/2010 10:36:00 AM)

      This is truly great and inspiring poem. It gives strength in middle of trouble and raises interesting questions. But I must say that many commentators read a bit too much to it and especially are convinced of their own interpretation. Of course I too give it plenty more meaning than there is and would like people to agree. lol

      To put it simply I think the main point is: 'No matter what happens, I am bold and confident me and do what I do. Which is nice.' It does not state if any gods do exists or even about free will.

      'I am the captain of my soul.' is interesting expression. 'Soul' refers to human mental faculty. It could refer to religious entity maybe eternal being, but not necessary. 'Captain of soul' suggests that there is some supreme decision maker separate from the soul. But as it is 'I', the whole sentence seems to emphasize that there is only me and no one else. 'I am the master of my fate' could also only emphasize that there is no one else in control. Plainly: 'I am me and I do what I do*

      Strictly speaking there is nothing that forces one to interpret free will or lack of predetermined destiny. Sure the poem seems to praise free will on the first reading. But there is very little hint about the nature of 'I'. There is nothing to suggest that 'I' could decide to be any different than he/she is. Or that he/she could make different decisions. On the contrary 'I' seems very permanent and unchangeable. Maybe 'I' is what 'I' is just because 'I' is like that, not because he/she chooses to be like that.

      Sure for me more easy and natural interpretation is that one can choose his/her own destiny without god or any other authority and disregard of the circumstances. But that is just me. The way I am. lol