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    • POEM: The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes (2/4/2010 12:07:00 AM)

      Wow! totally amazing... after reading and discussing this poem in our class, i really think way back on the 16th century about how they appreciate and fight for their LOVE. If you will ask me if which i will prefer to choose., honestly, even if I am a part of the human beings of this generation today, I will choose to appreciate those people long ago about how they fought for their love like this story The Highwayman. When we talk about life, it is not easy to say that its just nothing. In the saying 'We only live once, but if we love right, one lifetime is enough', of course we only live once so, we better think to use it really right. In the poem, if I were Bess, I will do the same too. look, even though Bess knew already that her love is a robber, he still loved that man no matter who he is and I know that that's the power of love. I know where I can find the true happiness, it is found in our hearts, so since their love will never be back again into its normal way, she better kill her self and to warn the highwayman that there is something happening not good to her. I can really say that even though their love is in the situation that is a forbidden one, the man continued on his way to the place where did it happened and even though it is a fight top death he still tried to save Bess for good, but since he was late, its better for him to die than to live with his miserable experience in his love life. It is very obvious that he treated Bess well as her loved one or simply Bess is the continuation of his life. So, in this poem no hell can never barred the way even death do them part. And the love that was present in this poem was totally true and loyal.