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    • POEM: Unity -Part 3- Fire by Zander William Pearson (3/14/2010 6:33:00 PM)


      I really like this on! I see now that you're ending each part with a sort of universal NOUN. To whit: Part V, 'Light' - should end with the word 'ETERNITY, ' though I like the flow of 'ETERNALLY' better.

    • POEM: Unity -Part 6- Darkness by Zander William Pearson (3/14/2010 6:26:00 PM)

      Zander -

      I inadvertently sent previous comments on 'Unity - Part 5 - Light' before I was finished thinking. Take my suggestions with a HUGE grain of salt, though do be careful not to misspell 'ITS' [possessive] as 'IT'S' [contraction for it is, with apostrophe]. Here are some ideas, whims really: Make it great... Cynthia

      'The four elements give way to pulsing,
      As Light shines its wiser wit among the lands.
      Forbidding darkness,
      Unveiling the Pathway.

      Fire burns and gives source to Light,
      Water bends and guides Light,
      Air gives complement and company to Light,
      And Earth is lined, conspicuous in that Light.

      Clear magnum floods through the valleys
      Of human souls living on Earth.
      And Advantage persists,