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    • POEM: Invictus by William Ernest Henley (2/6/2010 3:06:00 AM)

      A nice and simple poem.

      It seems to me the poet has outgrown the pettiness of organized religion. There is a particular loftiness to his use of the word 'gods'.

      Yes, god is not limited by a particular name or a driving licence number. We may worship one god or several gods as we choose; we may worship the same god under different names; and so on. Nobody should be saying, this is god, that is not god, this is the only god, that god is false, etc.

      Unfortunately even today there are people who subscribe to the backward belief that theirs is the only god and that all other beliefs are false; this is the main cause for most problems we see on this planet.

      Even here we can see people are fighting to lay claim to Henley's god, totally overlooking the real theme of his poem.

      Please accept the poem without worrying about which god or gods he is referring to. That is not the point of this poem. Don't attach labels like Un-X or Not Un-X. Neither of these terms is flattering.

      Should the Coca Cola company go around labelling other drinks like water, milk, tea, coffee, wine, etc. as Un-Coke?

      Should we be hearing things like:

      'Hey, he is drinking an Un-Coke. We should ban all Un-Cokes as false drinks'.

      'No, that is not Un-Coke. He only poured it from the Coke bottle into a glass. His soul is still safe'.

      Don't you see how silly these comments sound? Your Un-religion comments are equally ridiculous. Please elevate your thinking and avoid imposing your religious beliefs on others.