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    • POEM: To A Cat by Jorge Luis Borges (2/21/2010 4:59:00 PM)

      Just for fun, I will attempt to translate this more literally from the spanish:

      They are not more silent the mirrors
      nor more furtive the adventuress dawn
      you are, under the moon, that panther
      that is given to us to make out from afar
      by indescribable works of a decree
      devine, we look for you vainly
      more remote than the Ganges and the west wind
      yours is the loneliness, yours the secret
      your back consenting to the sullen
      caresses of my hand. You've allowed,
      from that eternity that is already oblivion,
      love from the distrustful hand.
      In another time you are. You are the owner
      of a closed realm like a dream.

      I'm not saying this is the 'real' version of the poem and definately not the more refined,
      it's just more word for word than the version above. Interesting to see how much
      things change in translation.