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About Me : What make a tree stand is always a combination of root, trunk and leaves, What creates a book is a story from chaining words by written idea, what make real you is not ... more »

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  • POEM: Dark Time by ANJANDEV ROY (2/10/2020 7:50:00 AM)

    Bright write, and its such a good contrast in the poetry, very clever one!

  • POEM: Moon by Bharati Nayak (2/10/2020 7:49:00 AM)

    I appreciate the imagery and the way you bring us to feel the flow. It is really beautiful like connected to the words. A good narration i can say and also have to add, a clever write as well! Liked it

  • POEM: The Dragonfly Of Hope by Denis Mair (2/8/2020 3:47:00 AM)

    You get inspired from a beautiful prose. The Dragonfly of hope, you dance by the air that blows, you look forward for the plant that ready to hold your " hands" ... yes after spending times on dark river, now its time for you to discover beyond street flowers. Some freedom souls now to fly, but they never gone it just world space is too vast. with moral now you can travel that far.

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