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    • POEM: Believe In What You Want by Keith Gaboury (3/7/2010 5:29:00 AM)

      I think the poem ends at 'pretend to pray.' The last line might echo the father's words too much. It also takes away from the impact of being a Christian but not trying to show off with it. I might be biased though; since I'm a Christian that doesn't like preach or show off much.

    • POEM: A Bullrider’s Wife by Keith Gaboury (3/7/2010 5:22:00 AM)

      It's a strong poem, but I'm not surprised seeing that I know how good of a writer you are. I can't believe in your bio you says 'you still have a long way to go, ' with your poetry. You don't have a long way to go; you're in the boat with the rest of us, you're vey close. I've always liked your stuff, it reminds me of my stuff; lots of narritive trying to look deeper into something. If you ever feel like you 'have a long way to go' just remember out of about 150 applications they took about 15 people into the MA program. You have a gift for poetry.