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  • (7/3/2010 6:45:00 AM)

    I think the site should be much more interactive. I am starting to attempt comment on the work of poets on site. It may be that the guarded vanity of individual poets predisposes them to a private appraisal of the poems of others and causes them to demur rather than post stimulating and critical comment. Most comment is expressed as a gesture of praise which, while pleasing to the poet in question (as was your own comment on my 'Blackbird' poem) is merely stroking. There's a great opportunity here to have a more live workshop on poem writing. What's needed is a critical forum where members discuss poems, voting on which one, two or three are up for consideration out of a larger number submitted to the forum and then produce a critique on the best, on a regular basis.
    What do you think?

  • POET: merry(merrypens) virgo (6/26/2010 7:09:00 AM)

    hello merrypens, groovy name by the way. Now about your poetry. I love the poems you write which express heavenly feeling and feeling for nature and your sense of being at one with the universe. The humming bird is good, quirky and fun as well as expressive. I've never seen one but feel I may have done after reading it!
    Your love poems are true, in joy and sorrow and give a sense of yourself as a feeling young woman (I think that car thief, who also stole your good intent, will come to regret it) .
    Some of your poems are debate and argument which many say are not a true subject for verse, though good poems of this order stand above such comment. However, it is not really enough merely to rhyme end lines to carry your sermon and call it a poem.
    You have the music of poetry in your soul and must let it sing. If a rhyme comes, all well and good, but dont force rhymes on the poem, it can make the music awkward or thumpy. Today we write a poem and leave it aside for a little while, then review it. Can we improve the lines, the words, the rhythm? Or does it go in the bin?
    Search your memory and events in nature or personal life which touched you may be found. Let these moments grow and a flower may open and a poem almost write itself as I am sure you have found. I feel you could develop your poetry by practice as a musician does. Your real soul of poetry is in feeling and I hope to see lovely work ahead. Thank you.

  • POET: merry(merrypens) virgo (6/26/2010 6:15:00 AM)

    an amusing little ditty