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D H Houston / United States, Male, 25

About Me : Im back from being hiatus for about two years. I am a senior in my school now so I am pretty sure my new productions would be better than those of my past. Personally ... more »

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  • POEM: The Raining Man by Fredoneth Jonelas (9/28/2012 8:16:00 PM)

    You are comparing the rain to your emotions, I like that, keep it up the work and effort. If you want to see how I compared rain to myself and the situations. Please read Rain, and Rain 2.

  • POEM: The Silence Of Loneliness by Fredoneth Jonelas (9/28/2012 8:13:00 PM)

    Your poem structure has a AABB CCDC etc. Format. Nice style and rhyme scheme, along with the poem itself and your personal views on loneliness. ALONE..... As a trade please read my poem Never Meant to Belong - The meaning of a fading life and memory

  • POEM: A Deaf Musician by Mary Spain (9/28/2012 7:30:00 PM)

    Nice structure, and tone to describe the surroundings and sounds that are thought to be heard by the deaf narrator.

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