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4/1/2010 6:59:00 AM

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    • POEM: Perfect Defect by PureDarkness .... (4/1/2010 6:57:00 AM)

      oh how stunning this is
      the talk of a bleeding wrist.
      such rage unfurled
      so pissed off at the world.
      you speak of somone
      who can't seem to see the sun.
      perhaps it is you
      who's life you rue.
      confront your own demons
      not those of grown men.
      you pretend to know
      the life of your foe.
      fake and unreal
      through you're words i can feel.
      you bleed on the inside
      true feelings you hide.
      afraid to be you
      can't speak a word of truth.
      quick to judge
      but its you who can't find love.
      sad and alone inside
      true happiness you'll never find.
      i feel for you deeply
      your words so tearful and weapy.
      someday you'll find
      you can't enter anothers mind.
      always watch what you say
      or your ass will be grass someday.
      just a word of advice
      watch who you entice.
      you may fool the naive
      but you're simple to read.
      take a long look at yourself in the mirror
      shed that one lonesome tear.
      you're surrounded by friends
      a most fabulous way to pretend.
      keep wearing your're disguise
      most likely would be wise.
      what would do
      if someone knew the real you.
      saw past your lies
      looked into your eyes.
      knew what you were
      a true coward for sure.
      throw stones in your glass house
      soon, everyone will know what you're about.
      please my friend
      dont spit against the wind.
      keep these dillusions to yourself
      while inside your heart melts.
      you can't have what you want
      until you learn to be upfront.
      but a word from one who knows,
      keep speaking in this harsh tone,
      you'll end up all alone,
      on the a sidewalk with many broken bones.