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  • POEM: For Timmy by victoria dupree (5/14/2010 2:36:00 PM)

    you need to find someone and talk for a while tori guys take a while to process and it takes more tan two or three days to say i love u! ! !

    so promise me you will take time between guys and let them come to do not need a guy to make you happy you need better friends than what you have becuase frances does nothing but hurt u more and she is leading you wrong....i am tring to change my life around and i wanna help you but u got to help me at the same time i cant do it alone! ! ! !

    the only man we need is our lord jesus christ! ! !

  • POET: Freddy Ibarra (5/14/2010 2:31:00 PM)

    freddy you are a really good writter and i hope u keep writtingbecuase i would love to read more and more i mean you can read mine if you want but yours are really good i wish u would write one about me becuase i love helping people i am thinkin about writting one about you becuase u are so sweet and you are an amazing poet! ! !

  • POET: Freddy Ibarra (5/14/2010 2:25:00 PM)

    i love that and its so so so true

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