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  • POEM: Love Story by Andreea Spulber (5/17/2010 1:56:00 PM)

    Like love that year,
    The flowers died in spring
    Millions of petals blew around me,
    Scattered by the wind

    I’d walked the path beneath the leafy trees
    I’d seen them dripping sunlight from their leaves,
    I’d spread my soul as if it was a shadow on the ground
    I’d seen it had been weighed...
    And that unworthy it had been found

    When all the judges gather on one throne,
    It’s nigh impossible for them to share the crown of gold
    And when their wicked sciences are not yours,
    They’ll lay the sentence on you with a curse

    To each his own? Does that ring true?
    Or have we started nailing people to the cross anew?
    Let’s whip the souls that don’t believe our truth!
    And pity fools who cannot see our proof.

    And let them suffer, send them to repent!
    Until their evil energy’s been spent
    And let us be the ones who rule what’s left
    A world of ours, world that we dream to be without a cleft

    Oh, do you judges know that I have built my church?
    And that I’ve long since given up the search?
    Let come what may and I won’t even frown
    I am my own now, I won’t let me down

    For when my simple soul is simply not enough,
    And when at times the seas get rough
    I’ll shine the light out of my fingers, toes and eyes
    And I will say to you:
    “All that I want, is all that I will find”