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  • POEM: Memento* by Ivan Vanya (6/2/2010 10:31:00 AM)

    As a hint for those familiar with academic study of literature, I shall list (not exhaustive) the literary devices employed in the poem (not in any way to sanction simplistic 'device-spotting' which will earn you no credit in a critical appreciation. One must identify what is employed and how it contributes to the poem's overall meaning or significance)

    Diction, Imagery, Pun, Caesura, Run-on lines, Half-rhymes, Full rhymes, Allusions, Meter, Sound (aural) devices, Metaphor

  • POEM: Memento* by Ivan Vanya (6/2/2010 10:21:00 AM)

    This poem was written in a time of great duress. It is a contemplation and presentation of futility and hope as parallel concepts. The poem though lyrical in nature employs several literary devices which upon analysis, reveal much meaning in both content and form despite its short length.

    Should anyone desire to use this poem for educational purposes or to uncover its depth from my perspective, one may leave a comment with email address requesting for the Word Document point-form analysis of the poem for critical appreciation.

    As with all literature, if you can mine for meaning deeper than I, your critical appreciation of the text would be most welcome!