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Marcus Mckinley
Marcus Mckinley san francisco / United States, Male, 50

About Me : The complications and the hidden meanings in the simplistically complex line structures are written for you the reader to find and discover. Maybe you will get it or ... more »

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  • POEM: A Wonderful Game by Darwin Henry Beuning (1/10/2017 11:01:00 AM)

    chess is definitely a game played with friends and with the mind. I too am a chess player. learned the game at the age of 7. you can find me on under the name (udamankid)

  • POEM: A Wonderful Game by Darwin Henry Beuning (12/9/2016 12:07:00 AM)

    and in the heat of the moment is where we live
    giving to each other all that we can give

    a very sensual poem. nicely done

  • POEM: Fakebook Illusion by Tan Pratonix (12/8/2016 12:14:00 AM)

    living a life based on common interests regurgitated by advertising links on a social network is awesome if you have no actual friends. LOL it does however confirm that there are a lot of lonely people out there who desperately need some social intervention.

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