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Michael B Unknown / Canada, Male, 35
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    • POEM: Invictus by William Ernest Henley (10/5/2010 8:16:00 PM)

      It's a 'God' fearing man who rewrites a poem written by a man of free will, of courage and of many things so many of us lack. Do you think your 'God' is going to rain blessings upon you for rewriting and defiling an already amazing work of art? Hell Yes, I'm with you and understand the outburst. 'Command of the English language' is what creates poetry, and certainly the thoughtlessness of those who essentially try to convert everything their eyes see should likewise be more tolerant. What you attempted to convert was just as offensive to some of us as say, turning the last supper into a giant orgy with twelve deciples going down on Ms. Magdalene's bright red carpet whilst being impaled on Mr. Christ's crucifix, so to speak. Oh wouldn't momma Mary be so proud? I suppose his father, the carpenter, would be proud that his son has taken a liking to his trade.

      Offended yet? I bet you are, so please, hold your tongues and let the author's words resonate throughout time and let it be what it is. Intolerance is what causes outbursts and responses such as mine. It stung a little while typing this; however, I gained more joy out of defending an equally as offended individual as myself.

      P.S. Don't pray for my soul... if there was a Heaven or Hell, I'd certainly have visited either one by now. Like Mr. Henley, I am the captain of my soul.