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Agatha Eliza
Agatha Eliza Cluj-Napoca / Romania, Female, 32
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  • POEM: Catching Dreams by Robert M Smith (9/6/2019 2:15:00 AM)

    A delightful painting in verses of a serene starlit night...while contemplating dreams. The beauty of the sky is admired by a pair of lovers, while a shooting star crosses it. This moment is both magical and romantic! Beautifully written!

  • POEM: Irish Famine/Holocaust (Historical) by Spock the Vegan (9/5/2019 1:24:00 PM)

    Profoundly educative poem..It covered all the essential aspects and moments of the Irish Famine. While reading it, episodes of the " coffin ships" , " the Famine roads" along with the testimonies of the witnesses that are left in art and literature (for instance Sketches in the West of Ireland by J. Mahoney) will always remind everyone of the ordeal popped into my head.

  • POEM: Siren by Bill Cantrell ... (9/5/2019 1:03:00 PM)

    Intricate poem that on a first reading directed my thoughts towards the sirens from the Greek mythology..they were dangerous as their mesmeric songs lured sailors to death, and caused ships to collide against the rocks. Like the modern " femme fatale" ...souless, addictive and always leading to ruination and self destruction.

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