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Richard Custodio Ford We.. Holiday / United States, Male, 38
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Artist modernist filmmaker
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Hofstra University, University of New Otleans

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  • POEM: Drc by Rachel Simon (2/19/2013 12:53:00 PM)

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    Map To Cloud Nine

    Elegant Charm Personified
    By None Other But Her
    Two Halves Of The Same Heart
    That Beats Within My Honor

    For Her... In Adoration
    This Heart Of Mine That Exists
    To Praise Her To The Gods...
    The Infinite Hyperbole

    Just As Her Voice Always Brings A Smile
    Where Smile Is Warm And Inviting To A Kiss
    A Face... As Smile... As Eyes To Yearn...
    As I Heart To Love...

    I'm A Heart Broken On The Mend
    To Every Time Her Voice Heals
    My Heart Broke Whenever
    Other Women Have Failed...

    A Day Without Her Voice...
    Mends Whenever I Hear Her Again
    Ah... That Voice... Such Range...
    Soothes The Lion Heart

    I Exist Whenever She's Present
    Her Charm And Whimsical Grace...
    Harkens Me To Feel Alive
    A Present Gift Of Peace

    This Tendency Toward An Eskimo Kiss
    A Lion Inside This Heart Of Mine...
    Blankets The Pain That Cease To Be
    All Cuddly And Snuggle-Warmth

    As I Gaze Into Those Eyes Of Hers...
    A Voice In Ways I Hadn't Before
    Echoes Seen Through Her In Mind
    And Find Myself With Her Beside

    While Lost To Factors Long Ago
    Innocence Now Restored Alive
    As My Childhood Reborn With Her
    My Inner Heart Of Mind In Youth

    Her Every Lilt And Syllabant
    Comforts Me To Lasting Long
    With Love Forever More For Her
    As Echo-Fade When Rise To Yearn

    Into The Embodiment Of Matrimony...
    As We Coalesce In Heaven's Light
    Extends Together Out Beyond
    The Duration Of Our Life

    I Caress Your Smile With My Lips
    As Our Timeless Love Is Forever
    Our Bond Would Be Everlasting
    To Hold You Oh So Near...

    Your Smile... So Inviting
    Our Hearts To Open Embrace...
    As Our Kiss I Would Hold...
    And To Never Let Go The Awe

    A Second Deprived Of Your Voice
    Feels Like Two Millennium Condensed
    For Every Second You Are Gone
    For The Peace I Am Without

    I'm Trying Say I Love You
    With My Inner Voice-Thought...
    Within A Microcosm Of A World
    Made In Two... Love With You

    We Two Exist For Each Other
    A Gift For All Time...
    An Adulthood Begun Together
    When Betrothed To At Birth...

    The Perfect Gift Would Be You With Me
    As Each Moment Is Treasured Non Stop...
    Measured Out To An Eternity As Us
    A Gift Of Time As We Traverse Heart

    When Heaven Sent Love...
    From Your Lips To My Ears
    From Me To You And Back Again
    A Whisper Hush Of Smiles

  • POEM: Drc by Rachel Simon (1/26/2013 3:49:00 PM)

    A Smile To Hold In My Eyes

    A Smile To Hold
    Me In Arms
    Lingers Upon My Mind...
    An Emotion Of Comfort
    Circular Motions
    As I Rub Your Back...
    A Thank You Look
    Upon Your Lips
    Not Spoken But Ever Felt...
    Inside My Mind
    The Next Step
    The Lovey Dovey
    In Stand Still Frozen Warmth...
    Like An Escalator Upward Turn
    When Emotions Move Us Up
    Toward A Heaven Felt Forever...
    In Reach We Love
    Reflections Onward
    To An Infinite Selves
    From Both Sides We Effect...
    Yes From Me
    Perhaps You For Me
    And Me For You
    And In Hoping
    Together In Loving
    Therein Living
    Directions Of Our Eyes...
    Met And Held
    For A Time
    Travel Through The Infinite...
    Mirrors Of A Definite
    Of Our Hearts Chime Love
    In A Present Tense Forever...
    From Afar
    Felt So Near
    Here We Are
    We Exist...

  • POEM: Drc by Rachel Simon (11/15/2012 10:58:00 PM)

    http: //

    Sentiment To Attraction...

    A Life In Three Acts
    Minus The Denouement
    Coda To A Question Mark
    Finale Silence Profound
    Upon A Future Not Yet
    Nor Profound A Form
    But Past In Lack Of What?

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