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    • POET: Muslim Saleem (4/17/2011 11:51:00 AM)

      Muslim Saleem: A Man of Versatile Genius

      By Dr. Syeda Imrana Nashtar Khairabadi

      Muslim Saleem special issue of ADABI KIRAN periodical released…

      What a wonderful and happy occasion! What a proud moment for Muslim Saleem to receive this honor. Hearty congratulations and best wishes for him and his family.

      Muslim Saleem belongs to a noble and scholarly family. His father Dr.Saleem Wahid Saleem was a great poet of Urdu, Persian and English. Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem is famous for his out-standing work “Khayyam-e-Nau” which is a poetic translation in Urdu of Umar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat. He is also famous for his great epic poems “Wuhi rang hai” and “Khudayaan-e-Jamhoor”, and other poems such as “Madh-e-Sarwar-E- Kaunain”, “Nawa-e-Firaq”, Taar-e-Nafas”, “Nigar-e-Subh”, “Teer-o-Nashtar”, “Aahni Azm”, “Lonliness”, “Husn-e-Kalaam”, “Shikast-e-Yaas”, “Noor Jahan”, Khwaab”, “Qurb-e-Awwaleen”, “Azeem Shafqat”and a Satire”Hai jab raat ko ghar ahl-e-qalam aataa hai”. Muslim Saleem is a great son of a great father.

      Muslim Saleem got his education from Aligarh Muslim University and Allahbad University. Both the universities are proud of him. Due to his great efforts and amazing endeavors Muslim Saleem can be said the pride of Urdu Adab and journalism.
      Muslim Saleem emerged in Urdu poetry with great excellence. As a poet, his “amad” (arrival) with “Amad Amad” (a book of poetry) is a rewarding event in Urdu poetry. His “Amad Amad” is the perfection of his art. See the following Asha’ars from his Poetry:
      د ی و ق ا م ت و ہ ش ج ر ج ب ت ی ز آ ن د ھ ی م ی ں گ ر ا
      پ س ت ہ ق د ج ت ن ے ت ھ ے پ و د ے س ب ق د آ و ر ہ و گ ئ ے
      ر ف ت ہ ر ف ت ہ ہ م ک و ج ی ن ے ک ا ہ ُ ن ر آ ہ ی گ ی ا
      پ ت ھ ر و ں م ی ں ر ہ ت ے ر ہ ت ے ہ م ب ھ ی پ ت ھ ر ہ گ ئ ے
      ج ب ہ م ن ے ز ن د گ ی ک ی گ ن ِ ی ں ر ا ح ت ی ں ت م ا م
      ل م ح ا ت م ی ں س ِ م ٹ س ی گ ئ ی ں م ُ د ت ی ں ت م ا م
      ا ِ ک ذ ر ا ج ب ہ م ا ُ ٹ ھ ا ک ر س َ ر چ ل ے
      ہ ر ط ر ف س ے د ی ر ت ک پ ت ھ ّ ر چ ل ے
      آ ج پ س ت ی ب ل ن د ی پ ہ م س ل ِ م
      ک ی س ے ہ ن س ک ر ک ھ ڑ ی ہ و گ ئ ہ ے
      ت م ا م آ ر ز و ی ئ ں د و ز خ و ں ک ی ن ذ ر ہ و گ ی ئ ں
      ت م ا م ع ُ م ر ج ن ّ ت و ں ک ی ر ا ہ ڈ ھ و ن ڈ ت ا ر ہ ا
      م ُ ر د ہ ض م ی ر ز ن د ہ ہ ی ں م ص ن و ی س ا ن س پ ر
      ل ا ش ی ں س ی چ ل ر ہ ی ہ ی ں م ی ر ے د ا ی ئ ں ب ا ی ئ ں س ب
      ا ب ک چ ھ ب ھ ی ف ر ق م غ ر ِ ب و م ش ر ِ ق م ی ں ن ہ ی ں ر ہ ا
      ز ہ ر ی ل ی ہ و چ ُ ک ی ہ ی ں ج ہ ا ں ک ی ہ و ا ی ئ ں س ب

      Muslim Saleem gave wonderful dimension of thoughts to Urdu ghazal. His couplets can be said” gagar meN sagar”.The deeper and larger thoughts in just two poetic lines.Muslim Saleem’s “Amad Amad” is a great contribution to Urdu poetry for many reasons: its higher aesthetic seriousness, its artistic intensity its remarkable sensibility, its love for life, its form and content, its subject matter and style.

      Muslim Saleem is a journalist of the highest caliber, _honest, reliable, strong and firm. He has worked with the daily Aftab-e-Jadeed (Urdu Newspaper) Danik Bhaskar (Hindi Newspaper) and The English dailies Central Chronicle and National Mail. He is now working with the English daily Hindustan Times Bhopal. His wonderful Website and related blogs reflect his immense excellence and competence. His eight comprehensive Directories of urdu poets and writers are his great Karnamas for the benefit of Urdu lovers and readers of entire urdu world. It is so great, so fantastic, so comprehensive, so remarkable that no one can deny its greatness and utility. Due to his amazing efforts many literary personalities, many important issues, many great things came into light.

      Muslim Saleem is a very good story writer.His short stories

      “NaNgi Sarhak Par” and “Itwar ki Maut” are remarkable for their themes and characters.

      Muslim Saleem is a polyglot, having good command over five languages — Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English and Hindi.

      Success is achieved through vision, inspiration, resilient determination, diligence, perseverance and hardwork. We hope this special ackno–wledgement and accomplishment will raise his spirit, carry his dream and bring him the pleasure and pride he deserves. This is just the begining of the wonderful things and good luck we hope for him. Allah (SWT) has more and more success and honor planned for him in the future. Amin. He has been working hard and accomplishing great things. His attractive attempt is novel in look and noble in spirit. I hope, wish and believe in it that his great and remarkable Directories and wonderful Website will receive wide appreciation and true realization from all around the World.

      May Allah (SWT) bless him and his family. May his path be obstacle-free. Amin.

      Dr. Syeda Imrana Nashtar Khairabadi

      Atlanta Georgia. USA.