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    • POEM: Indian Poets by Dr. Shujaat Hussain (5/10/2011 5:17:00 AM)

      Dr. Shujaat Hussain’s Criticism Creates Literary Culture

      Dr. Shujaat Hussain’s criticism cultivates blossom of love, fragrant literary atmosphere; the river of love murmurs along the valleys; and every bird, beast and child sings the song of love. Love is a reality in his poetry and criticism. It has to be actualized. It is never too late to experience love for the first time. Learn to love. India violently needs it.

      Dr. Shujaat Hussain is a rational, imaginative and creative critic, poet, reviewer, thinker, and reformer. He expresses his own mind in accordance with literary features. His pen is like a father “Sky” and the paper where he writes is just like a mother “Earth”. His thoughts rain from the pen on paper and fruits of literature grow. He tends forward humanistic belief in reason, vision, order and restraint. Being a celebrated critic in the country of Lord Rama, Krishna, Buddha, and Gandhi he believes, he listens to reason when it is spoken, and he categorically and courageously reject evil when it is spread in the garb of literature. He would not like to support misusing of literature like religion and politics in India. He invariably embraces the good and tells as good and he has learnt from his religion to tell the truth and respect all religions and love human beings irrespective of religion. He believes, such a principle blesses strengths to his pen, thus his thoughts become sublime and attain eternity. Indians love him and appreciate his critique. Well done Dr. Shujaat Hussain! May live long! Our Motherland is proud of Dr. Hussain.

      Dr. Hussain has education to educate, personality to mesmerize, ability to analyse, understanding of human beings to make men humane, hold on history to follow the foot prints of the saints and sages, culture to influence ideology, and habit of appreciation of artistic craftsmanship. Vast knowledge of literature is a simple weapon in his hand. Scripture and religion alone do not make a perfect critic. He honestly passes critical judgment that garner applause for him.

      Criticism and creativity are equally poised in his literary realm. He discerns and judge judiciously and graciously. It enters the heart of the readers as the soul enters body the light overcomes darkness as the dejection transforms into pleasure. He could achieve this because just and unjust, justice and injustice, knowledge and ignorance, skill and hammer, art and vandalism, pray and prey, faith and disbelief and patriot and rebellion are known to him.

      Dr. Shujaat Hussain’s nature is sweet and soft. His sweet language cures bitterness and defeats enemies. We should try to follow his footprint for human sake. Dr. Shujaat Hussain says, “An educated man, poet and creative writers cannot pressurize readers to accept his/her thought, faith, religion, culture and habits. If these are good, readers will automatically adopt them.”

      If Dr. Shujaat Hussain says disapproval with signs of extreme dislike, it means that is true, it is true because he satisfies with reason, vision and clarification. One should not mingle one’s religion, faith, myth and unimaginative thought and destructive passion with creative criticism. Dr. Hussain opines, “It is not works which are the final objects of literary criticism but the minds of readers”.

      Dr. Hussain sincerely requests all Indian writers irrespective of religion and language to promote literary tolerance and cease literary anarchism.

      Dr. Hussain is always found in humanistic behaviour, with literary attitude, in fantastic sense, in excellent sight and in tremendous sensibility. Literature has no scope of ‘likeness or rejection’. What a marvelous yardstick Dr. Hussain propounds theory and practice to understand literary criticism:

      According to Dr. Hussain one must revere one’s faith, religion and god in this perspective: “Why have we ignored humanity and talk without human sensibility? What does religion teach us? Doesn’t our religion guide virtuosity? Vision and wisdom have lost its significance. Oh God! Every thing has religious impact.”

      The readers and scholars judge Dr. Hussain as a professional academic critic. He is one of the greatest contemporary critics because he narrates the adventures of his mind among masterpieces; one must agree that he is obliged to give us more than a bare statement of his preferences. Definition and explanation are more important in his criticism.

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