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  • POEM: Men by Maya Angelou (5/12/2011 7:24:00 AM)

    You seem to draw from such a depth of experience and have a rare way of capturing the feel of your emotions. Once again it is a desperately sad poem and yet so much in poetry is the better for sadness. I've enjoyed everything I've read of yours so far and don't have the chance to say that very often. Thanks.

  • POEM: Passing Time by Maya Angelou (5/12/2011 7:14:00 AM)

    For me such a sad poem but yes, as someone else mentioned, a profound poem nevertheless.

    Testimony to the brainwashing of people all over the world by those who would control them from birth.

    Would that the brotherhood of youth would rise up and reject such theft of the soul by bigotted people and defend real freedom instead of self interest.

    Thou Shalt Not Steal Applies to minds as well as chattels and, in my view, the former is a greater sin than the latter.

    With respect to the rights and freedoms of others a person should be able to think whatever they wish and to love whoever they choose. That they so-often can't is more a reflection of fear rather than conviction.

  • POEM: Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou (5/12/2011 7:01:00 AM)

    I like it - the poem makes a statement. It's strong and yet sensitive. Defiant yet inclusive. Uncompromising and yet receptive. Proud yet not antagonistic. A poem worth reading and reading some more.

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