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Ace Of Black Hearts
Ace Of Black Hearts West Milton / United States, Male, 36
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9/30/2019 9:46:00 AM
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  • POEM: If You Die Before Me by Dr. Antony Theodore (9/30/2019 9:46:00 AM)

    Such a beautiful poem. Only love could inspire such a good write.10/10 ~AOBH

  • POEM: Have Respect by Sandra Feldman (7/3/2019 11:06:00 PM)

    To be patriotic, sometimes means you must speak out against the injustices and dangers your government is causing and committing. We mistake country, for nationalism all the time, and when this happens we must try and find way back because ones country and government are not one and the same. Respect doesn't mean be silent, but instead, investigate, demand change when needed, try to not let that flag become an ugly symbol of what your country stand for now. Inspiring Poem.

  • POEM: Watching The Metronome Of Life by RoseAnn V. Shawiak (7/2/2019 4:11:00 PM)

    And as that destiny wait for us, as we do it. A mirror image written in our place, just to give us a little taste.
    Temptation reaches out with joy, and says yes this you even after all you been through. Still the candle burns up the midnight hour waiting for succellent wind to devour. It has come before, and it will come again. A monumental end to summer season.
    Another excellent inspirational poem, thank you for sharing.

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