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    • POEM: A Man by Charles Bukowski (6/29/2011 3:13:00 PM)

      The people who are giving this poem low ratings don't understand what it's about. The point is that a man defines himself. He's a blank slate. If he wants to be Conan the Barbarian, he defines and creates himself as such. If he wants to be sodomized by eighty-seven men in the bathroom of the Stallion theater, he does that. What he does not do, is allow himself to be dictated to by anyone other than himself. I can understand, perhaps, taking a few points off from the poem on account of sexism. That may be fair enough. I suspect most of the low ratings are due to the fact that the raters are idiots who have no ability to think, and hence no capacity to appreciate originality and subtext. Good work, proles.

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