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Sylvia Frances Chan
Sylvia Frances Chan Haarlem / Netherlands, Female, 59
Profession :
Lecturer, critic, writer, poetess, paintress
Education :
English Language-and Literature, Evangelist
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11/5/2020 12:11:11 AM

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  • POEM: When I Loved Catherine by Freeyad Ibrahim (11/21/2020 2:20:00 PM)

    A mesmerizing powerful metaphored poem about love for Catherine / Katrina.
    Loveliest rendered. This poem I have ever read and commented and given 10.
    Now that has become 5 Stars Full Vote.

  • POEM: Victory Over Vices -I(Victory Over Jealousy) by Kumarmani Mahakul (11/21/2020 12:17:00 AM)

    Jealous persons are often harmful
    They don't hesitate to torture others
    They neither get peace nor give chance to others
    Let them merge to divinity with our godly service YES, let them merge to divinity with our godly service and that are our PRAYERS to God. What man cannot do, God is able to do A gorgeous poem to Victory Over Jealousy.

  • POEM: Victory Over Vices -I(Victory Over Jealousy) by Kumarmani Mahakul (11/21/2020 12:10:00 AM)

    A person bitten by a snake
    Can be cured by medicine or hex
    But person preyed by jealousy
    Can't be cured so easily. The worst of all is that JEALOUSY sits in the mind and when worse it can lead to a heavy psychologic desease. Better to fill the mind asking for forgiveness to GOD. Praying helps constantly. ANOTHER Brilliant stanza.

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