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Crimson Soul Shakopee / United States, Female, 24
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  • POEM: Me? by Crimson Soul (12/22/2012 3:52:00 PM)

    You Talk About A Poet As A Profession... Which To Some It May Be, But Certainly Not A Good One In Today's Time.


    We As People Cannot Even Say What Someone Should Do. We Do Not Know Them, Nor Do We Know What Is Their Definitions.

    I Have Reasons To Be Negative, As I Assume Many Others Do As Well. A Happy Cause To The World, Is Simply A Fake Really, To And For Those Who Write And Read Such. A Reality Is Always Pain.

    A Fashion Among Poets? I Assume So. I Don't Indulge Myself In Much Poetry, Never Cared For Reading Too Much Of It. Yet Here I Am Writing It.

    Anyone Can Write A Happy Poem. That Is Both The Layman And The Poet. The One Who Writes Because Pain Inspired Them Too, Is The A Poet.

    But The One Who Writes In Happiness, Is A Layman and A Poet As I Said, And Therefore, A True Poet.

    I Do not Wish To Write Like What I Am Not. I Wouldn't Know Of Any Other Reasons.

    Variety... There Is Always Variety, If You Look In The Right Places. I Could Write a Happy Poem. To Give You Joy and Hope. But to Me, It Feels Fake. To Search For A True Happy Poem, You Need To See Through The Lies Written, and Find They Were Your Own.

    Pertaining To Your First Question, Why. That Is Rhetorical. Why Would One Write So Gruesomely? To Simply Let Out Pain that Is Never Seen. To Die So Slowly, Yet Be Unable To Show It-Is Indeed A Torture Comparable To Deaths Rejection Until Parting. To Have Experienced Things that Shouldn't Have Been, And Live With It. With No Expression, No Remnant Of A Wisp Of Remembrance To Be Forced To Be Remembered, But Forgotten.

    So, I Believe I Have Answered All Your Questions.

  • POEM: Untitled by erie morganmaples (12/11/2012 6:31:00 PM)

    An Evisceration Of Vivaciousness Use Of Words To Get Across The Tone Of The Whole... Keep It Up...

  • POEM: The Broken Twilight by erie morganmaples (10/21/2012 10:28:00 PM)

    I Love The Imagery You Put In :)

    Your Emotions Flow Through The Tell-Tale Signs Of Nature Itself. Nice ^^

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