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    • POEM: Still I Rise by Maya Angelou (2/27/2012 6:15:00 PM)

      The theme of this poem conveys a sense of defiance and strength in the face of racism and hate. When she repeats the phrase I rise that, to me, shows how resilient she was through whatever insults and discrimination she had to deal with. She also uses mockery and sarcasm to show that she is not broken by what anyone says to her, and she displays how anyone who is offended by her actions are very childish when she asks if her actions are offending the racists. This also shows her strength because instead of feeling downtrodden by the hate, she laughs it off as if it didn't pierce her whatsoever. Her use of similes and metaphors also show her characteristics. She compares herself and her attitude to things that remain forever, such as the tides or the sun and moon, and this shows her determination and hope. This is definitely one of the most inspirational poems I have read.