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Søren Valentine
Søren Valentine The City of Tombs / New Zealand, Male, 24
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Mediocre Linguist
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About Me : I like to write. Simple. My life is rather interesting. Uhm... I have trust issues but lets not get into that. Your welcome. Im very symbolic and I loooooooovvvvvveeeee ... more »

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5/20/2013 7:43:00 AM

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  • POEM: How Many Times Have I Counted The Stars by Nathan Barkley (3/24/2014 9:41:00 PM)

    Oi mate this is really good! I like the picture of counting the stars, they are special to me.

    Also, I absolutely love the imagery of flower petals floating ever so gently on a river of pain knowing that is isn't gentle at all. Every ripple that petal causes will bring so much back, and like you mentioned, those petals come back later on.

    I really liked this!

  • POEM: And Melt Into Nothingness by Nathan Barkley (3/24/2014 9:36:00 PM)

    Hmm. This poem is very good. It is only the second one I've read and I already know you are a great writer. Therefore, you have much potential.

    I'll probably find the answer to this enquiry as I read on, but have you tried writing without rhyming? I think you'd be good at it. But what do I know?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sorry if I seem too abrasive. I'm just honest... not to cause offence.

    Anyway, sigues escribiendo!

    þakka þér!

  • POEM: Graffiti by Aria Siren (3/10/2014 10:49:00 PM)

    ... must you torture us so? Brilliant, simply brilliant.

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