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6/7/2016 12:55:10 AM

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  • POEM: A Dying Life by Nosheen Irfan (6/22/2016 11:20:00 AM)

    Aching bones
    On a well-stuffed
    Mattress, warm
    From long hours
    Of sleep

  • POET: Matloob Bokhari (10/11/2014 10:22:00 AM)

    MY Place IS Placeless
    Matloob Bokhari

    You are moonlight
    You are fragrance in the breeze
    I am bewildered to see you
    I am speechless
    In the frenzy of my love
    I am drifting in the sea of your love
    Now and then, joy and depression
    Dark thoughts and light of love
    I am senseless
    You and I are inseparable
    I want to kiss you with tenderness
    I am helpless
    I live for you, my love is timeless
    My heart, where you are living,
    Has become a room of prayer
    All I belong to you!
    I am a nameless poet
    My place is placeless!

    Persian Khushi Sweet and touching

    Deanna Caroline Bosworth How precious! ...Quite the romantic

    Connie Hofacker Hemmerich Senter Wow, I feel the commitment of your heart...a room of prayer, so very toucing, Matloob. Thank you, for sharing.
    Fran Ayers So lovely! ! .I missed your poetry! !
    Natasha Nabokov Thank you, . Kiss kiss
    Barbara Shoetaker You write so passionately.
    Demelia Denton A writer of many explicit romantic words Matloob Bokhari ~ Beautifully written
    Lindy Michaels Really lovely...

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