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    • POEM: Amor Intellectualis by Oscar Wilde (10/12/2014 5:14:00 PM)

      this is from a time when Western intellectuals sought to recapture the spirit of the poets of antiquity.
      here wilde is praising poetry itself by invoking the classical Hellenic poetic icons.

    • POEM: Unknown Road by punk rock princess (10/12/2014 5:12:00 PM)

      it's punk because it has a simple, direct rhyme that can be put to music.

      they will never take emo out of music. ridiculous to try,

    • POEM: I See Stars by punk rock princess (10/12/2014 5:10:00 PM)

      punk rock is an artistic subgenre

      like impressionism in painting, or brutalism in architecture,
      punk is part of music as well as poetry and fashion.

      it's a subgenre, it will be around, even if it is part of art history classes.
      people still imitate picasso and try and improve on that,
      and picasso is dead. so the chance remains.

      people say so and so is dead, when they are not getting what THEY want out of it;
      they say novels are dead, they declared painting dead.
      the truth is that ideas are not alive, so they can't die.

      latin and sanscrit are declared dead languages. but the academics are arrogant! people use Latin and Sanscrit somewhere every day. likewise, punk rock was declared dead by High Times in 1978. ideas don't die, they just keep changing, and the idea of anarchistic reaction to society will continue to be given voice by youth and people distressed by dominating social systems.

      - comparative theology major says it's a good poem from someone with potential to make more great poetry and to develop as a writer. if you read Henry Rollins or the lyrics of Courtney Love, you'll see more of what established Punk Rock poetry can look like. if this thing tells me i put the wrong number in again, i am throwing this chrome book in the damn trasho.

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