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About Me : Who I am is of no importance, What I say is. A verbal catalyst to promote a positive change. If youre not part of the solution youre only part of the problem and this ... more »

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  • POEM: Devour Me by Leah Ayliffe (2/5/2015 6:22:00 AM)

    Leah you simply can't put a price tag on something like this though some would try to you simply can't these are wise words that go beyond any wisdom they bring to mind. They say something and it's very loud, precise and clear!

    Corporations promote what makes money while true art fades in the background and sometimes never sees the light of day. So sad it is and I understand your sentiment on every level =)

    P'S congrats on P.O.T.D I couldn't leave a comment that day this site was being bi-polar in the worst of ways or I would have. =)

  • POEM: Dear Ed by Kristen Brown (2/5/2015 5:51:00 AM)

    I feel like this is a poem dedicated to me even though it has absolutely nothing to do with me... At all. =)
    The spoon heading to the bathroom floor disturbed me on a joking level, But all joking aside.

    This is a poem more or less a story of a memory remembered or conjured from the depths of imagination and it says you all remember high school or at least middle and all the nonsensical stuff it brings though at the time it seems so important because life revolved around reputation.

    I like that sort of outcastish rebel spirit that resonates in this poem for what it is. =)

  • POEM: When I Whispered My Love by Abekah Emmanuel (2/5/2015 3:13:00 AM)

    You're catching me in a rare mood dear sir...

    Can I say anything other than plenty of fishes in the sea and they come and go and do as they please?

    This day and age is not like the late 18's early 19 hundreds my friend...

    You should find yourself a girl that doesn't want anything to do with the internet period. =)

    Beyond that this is a sort of a sentimental stalker poem BUT

    This is where I'll fix that last ending statement WE ARE ALL STALKERS IN DISGUISE..

    And you sir are a very emotional writer that pours it all into his work... I SERIOUSLY wish A LOT more writer would do the same but they don't hence why I don't comment very often amongst other reasons...

    You're a splendid writer with A LOT of emotion that you portray...There are so many times that we have those type of loneliness' moments and they are great for many things but they DO NOT rule nor define your world it's all about the moment. Remember that =) It Will be talking again years from now kid =)

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