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Raiven Moore Birmingham / United Kingdom, 56
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8/24/2016 11:59:42 AM

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    • POEM: The Big Turn On... Lol by Morose Mermaid (8/27/2016 3:01:00 AM)

      the attitude and the way you just speak it makes me smile as it makes me think behind those lines that's exactly how they think.. and I'd admire their grit and speaking out on what makes them feel that way.. guys with great eyes might turn my head personally.. if I had to add to your likes :)

    • POEM: Fish by Ramin Chaman (8/27/2016 2:58:00 AM)

      I like the personification and thoughtfulness of the piece and it is true I don't think anything knows the worth of freedom until it does not have it anymore.

    • POEM: Quack, Quack Says The Duck by Kumarmani Mahakul (8/27/2016 2:55:00 AM)

      it made me smile because you personify the duck and I'd probably do the same.. and I like the flow of it and the humour and attitude that comes out to me.. but, I write how it comes I may not get how it supposed to be written... forms so on make no sense I'm afraid..I write like this, straight out of the well so to speak.. so I enjoyed it for that reason :)

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