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Julia Luber's last comments on poems and poets

  • POEM: Go With God On This One by Julia Luber (12/21/2019 11:27:00 AM)

    Thank you for your kind compliment on this slightly aggressive poem that tells the reader to Shut Up at the end. I'm glad you took it with a grain of salt and did not find offensive. Shut up is not something I'm allowed to say to my family et cetera. Thank you for your reading! Happy Holidays!

  • POEM: From Curiousity, Not Love by Julia Luber (12/15/2019 11:46:00 AM)

    Geeta, you always give me the most generous lovely responses to my poems; I truly appreciate it! I am not sure this is even an Arabian sonnet, but for some reason I chose that from the drop down menu that I wish would include a little description of each style too. I have asked PoemHunter to do that. They have not responded. Much love to you, Geeta!

  • POEM: There Is A Poem To Write by Julia Luber (10/23/2019 5:43:00 PM)

    Thank you for your reading and response. I apologize for not responding earlier.

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