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Deluke Muwanigwa
Deluke Muwanigwa Harare / Zimbabwe, Male, 56
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About Me : My name is Deluke Muwanigwa. I m 56 years old. I m a Poet. Freedom to offend, apologize and make amends. Otherwise the world would be a boring place.

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  • POEM: The Competition by anais vionet (12/3/2020 7:40:00 AM)

    You describe so vividly. We are glad you survived the butterflies. I remember in school i had to stand in front of my peers to give a speech. It was nerve wracking. So i started off by saying " I am so nervous" and after i said that i relaxed. But the teacher who was grading us faulted me for saying that. I guess the more you do the more you relax. So you homework is to get your mom to stop everything and be the audience. No fighting please.

  • POEM: Red Wolf by Angelica Bustle (12/3/2020 4:46:00 AM)

    If i was putting on your shoes i would be dead scared writing this stuff. Fascinating stuff.

  • POEM: Wooden Rope by Angelica Bustle (12/3/2020 4:43:00 AM)

    What a horror thriller. Beautiful metaphors.

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